Triumph Collection

This collection is inspired by the disaster of the bathroom walls, rendered occupiable due to a heavy storm in the middle of the night, sending torrents of rain through a leak in the roof we didn't know we had. We woke up to find the wallpaper from 100 years plus of occupancy sagging in great wet sheets of multi colors from the ceiling and walls.  From this disaster I realized that the layers of paper, with their multicolored patterns and textures were actually beautiful, and looked very much like many of my paintings. After my husband scraped the walls, the remaining patterns resembled a beautiful ancient Pompeian ruin, which we saved and now use as our bathroom walls. I photographed these walls for the basis of the Triumph Collection, demonstrating that disaster can sometimes force us to see things in a new light and appreciate the beauty where we might not have seen before. Through new vision and insight we can overcome disaster and adversity and create something new and worthwhile from the remnants.