Majestic, Regal, Alluring: Boots Command and Rule

The best way to wear your Martin Boots today is to hit the floor running. Or marching. Or sprinting. Whatever gets you moving!

How to style with the Martin combat boot?
Pair cropped trousers and a cool sweater under a leather jacket with brown combat boots. Try out some tights under a leather skirt-and-jacket duo with your combat boots. Go for a unique look with a belted denim dress and leather boots. Stay warm with a long fur coat and black denim jeans


The Cool Way to Wear Combat Boots

There’s no doubt that boots are a winter staple, and one style we see year after is the combat boot. They’re an easy way to instantly toughen up and outfit and add a cool-girl edge. Paired with jeans and a leather jacket, they’re the perfect weekend look. But they can also fit into the wardrobe of someone with more feminine style: Just look to Olivia Palermo, who styles her combat boots with a knit dress and ruffled coat for an outfit that feels both polished and cool.


Thanks to model and actress Megan Fisher for her appearance in this photograph. 



Once combat boots were typically worn by young and rebellious generations. They are comfy and sturdy and now also a must-have item with models and actresses du jour. They have been ‘tamed’ with informal, individual and urban looks.


The martin boots featured from Kirsteinfineart combine the tough, rugged look of the confident woman who dares to walk in new and innovative paths. The surfaces of these boots are derived from images of painted collages by fine artist Janis Kirstein. (me!) Colorful abstract printed books form the perfect accent to an otherwise understated outfit.


Try combining black leggings under a short skirt and coordinated top with boots in stunning orange and blue to complete your ensemble. Wherever you go, people will perceive that you are a serious, dynamic, assertive and self assured woman who knows what she wants and how to make it happen.

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