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Fine Art to Fashion: See the Process In Kirsteinfineart Artist Studio

From the art studio comes fine art. From the fine art comes fashion. Here is the process of Kirstein creations starting with the artist studio, then moving to fashion design by Jan Kirstein. First is the creation of the paintings.     The next phase of my painted canvas panels happened today. I finalized the stretched canvas with a new layer of Sumi e ink as you can see in the montage of photos above. Silver glitter creates a bed for the black painted marks. A thread or two of colored pastel laces through scatterings of Japanese paper collage pieces.    Plus I actually got 8 hours of sleep last night! (An accomplishment for me.) Collage paper for adding adhesive...

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Boots for Inspiration and Self Expression

Ever since the Dr. Martens boot, which celebrated its 55th anniversary this year, became a symbol of youthful rebellion, it has never gone out of style. Now major fashion brands have taken cues from the Doc’s distinctive features — a chunky sole, welted construction and sturdy leather upper — for durable boots of their own.

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