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Holiday Reflections

Take a break from today's hectic world to reflect on bygone years. This special artist captured the magic of childhood and special occasions. Fashions come and fashions go, but what remains is the feelings incited in each one of us, no matter when we experience and view these expressions of living memory. Contemplate the art work of Ida Waugh and her capture of seasonal joy and indescribable recollections. Jan Kirstein The following images and writings are from the Catalogue of Public Domain Sailor Boy Rub a dub dub, a little boy, a sailboat and a tub. Will it float or sink deep into the drink? Does our sailor boy dream of adventures off far away? Or winning a race against his friends? A sweet...

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Latest News

Here's today's latest news on this simmering website KIRSTEINFINEART! We are  in the process of unrolling the first part of our new, multicolored Chakra Meditation Collection. 

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