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Meet Our New Friend: Spirit Majicka

Spirit Majicka:  A Heightened Crystal Experience



Finding the right crystal for you is an adventure as well as a fun learning

exploration.  Spirit Majicka contains crystals straight from your most glorious

dreams so you can bring your dreams to an intentional reality. 


"Quartz, also known as the masters' stone, is thought to help facilitate

deeper and higher levels of meditation and spiritual understanding." 

From the Spirit Majicka Website.


Quartz Sphere

(medium size seen in above photo)

This sphere is available in our small and medium sizes:

Medium size:
5-6 cm diameter and approx 300-400 grams in weight (metric)

2½ inches diameter with 12 ounces in weight (imperial)
Small size:
3 cm diameter (metric) 1 inch (imperial)

More sizes will be added in the future!


❥ Worldwide shipping.
❥ Satisfaction refund guarantee.
❥ 1500+ 5-star reviews.
❥ All natural crystals.


45 Crystal Super Pack - 16 Points, 9 Spheres & 20 Quartz Shards



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