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Here's today's latest news on this simmering website KIRSTEINFINEART! We are  in the process of unrolling the first part of our new, multicolored Chakra Meditation Collection. 

Heart Chakra Racerback Dress




Starting with racerback dresses, the collection will also contain yoga pants, totes,  yoga mats, t-shirts and athletic and sport bras. High-topped sneakers and platform high heels are also in the works.  But I just wanted to get these fab little dresses out to you to get your thoughts!


 Third Eye Chakra Racerback Dress


Do you have things you prefer in these dresses? What would you like to see that you don't yet? The fashion line is still in creative phase, so I welcome your thoughts!


Solar Plexus Chakra Racerback Dress


Now, for just a little background on the collection, here is a brief explanation of the Chakra Energy System of the human body and how it can benefit from the practice of meditation.



The Throat Chakra Racerback Dress 



This collection focuses on the healing of seven basic chakras in the human body, or energy centers. The root chakra, associated with red, is connected to family, ancestors and matters involving a sense of belonging and is located at the base of the spine.


The Root Chakra Racerback Dress 




The Sacral Chakra, associated with orange is connected to sexuality and creativity issues and is located in the abdominal region.



The Sacral Chakra Racerback Dress



The Solar Plexus is yellow and associated with issues involving sense of self.The Heart Chakra is green, the Throat Chakra is blue, the Third Eye Chakra is Indigo, and the Crown Chakra is associated with white or violet.



The Crown Chakra Racerback Dress



Designs by Janis Kirstein provide focus on each of these energy centers with items including totes, t-shirts, pillows, coffee mugs,yoga pants, high-topped sneakers and platform high heels.



If you  wish to learn more about the chakra centers, you can go to this link to learn more:   And while you are there, at, check out the products this store carries in alighnment with the Chakras.


 Best wishes,

Jan Kirstein




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