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The 1950's may appear to be a time of innocence in the U.S., until you see the movie: "Rebel Without a Cause," starring James Dean and Natalie Wood. My idea that the 1950's was somehow idealyc has changed quite significantly since seeing this movie last night with my husband at the Palace Theatre in Louisville, KY. Nonetheless, the fashion styles do generate a thin skin of peaceful appropriateness and a certain panache. 

Let's have another look at  the collections from CREATORS STUDIOS FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS. We looked at some of these fashions from the 1950's about a week ago.


This striped dress cuts a sleek figure with a bow tie at the neck that looks both sexy and assured. What a unique flair this detail adds, combining a tie around the shoulders with a kerchief type knot.

Striped dress with bateau neckline, front button closure and bias cut bodice; tie around shoulders and bow at back waist.



This next dress shows an early concept of the color-block dress. Though the caption describes the front panel as an "apron" type fixture, the front white panel cuts a much cleaner line to the dress, leaving out a domestic fussiness associated with the style of many aprons from that time.

Contrast-fabric, short-sleeved sheath dress with bateau neckline, side button closure and back waist tie; contrast fabric creates apron effect


This next outfit presents the perfect business outfit, with clean, efficient lines combined with a feminine signature. Have we forgotten how to design women's business suits? 

Weave dress with contrasting jacket

Leap forward to now and compare these fashions with those of today. What do you prefer about today's fashions compared to these styles from the 50's?  Let me know what you think in the comments below! Oh, and hey y'all, be sure to sign up for KIRSTEINFINEART VIP by dropping in your email below to the right, in the footer!


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Jan Kirstein

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