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What a treat to see these images of fashion from the past.   All of the following images are  from the CREATORS STUDIOS FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS

What an amazing collection of drawings.  I just love to look at fashion design drawings from the early to mid 20th Century! Don't you? Here are a number of drawings that are especially captivating and capture the styles of the 1950's.

We start with an image of a "Costume" from the 1957.  All of the following images including this one are from The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Picture Collection, The New York Public Library.  This lithograph's caption reads: "Plain-cotton dress with alternating plaid skirt panels and two bands of matching plaid trim at neck and shoulders forming bow" and is the original descriptor with this fashion plate. New York Public Library Digital Collections. http://digitalcollections.nypl.org/items/4e9130d0-a8bd-0132-0ba5-58d385a7bbd0


Check out the use of color in this drawing. The yellow grabs your eye just to create emphasis on this snappy design from approximately 1957.


LithographsHand coloring  Extent: 31 x 21 cm or smaller, on mount 39 x 27 cm.

Also from 1957, this hand colored lithograph exemplifies the epitome of fashion design illustration, with the tiny waist line, the pointed-toe shoes and the full tulle skirt.


Here we have a Redingote-style dress with shawl-collar jacket, chiffon halter and matching apron drape, from 1957.


This is a Fitted shirtwaist dress with lapel notch repeated on back yoke from 1957. I just love the sweeping swath of background wash that swings your eye to the statuesque figure. Makes me wish I lived in the 1950's. Oh, that's right, I did. In 1957 I was 2 years old!

Plaid shirtwaist dress with tiered collar and bib. 1957.


Cotton checked dress with spread collar and French cuff, 1957.  Don't you just love the saucey French beret donning her head, and the light line drawing behind the main figure revealing the look of the silhouette from the back?

The Creator's Studios is a part of Fashion History that helped shape the fashion of today. It was a time of classic style and sleek sophistication, all  with a twist of innocence. Oh what a memorable time it was: a time of immense optimism, endless growth, undying hope and exciting expectations. 


By Jan Kirstein


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