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The 1950's may appear to be a time of innocence in the U.S., until you see the movie: "Rebel Without a Cause," starring James Dean and Natalie Wood. My idea that the 1950's was somehow idealyc has changed quite significantly since seeing this movie last night with my husband at the Palace Theatre in Louisville, KY. Nonetheless, the fashion styles do generate a thin skin of peaceful appropriateness and a certain panache.  Let's have another look at  the collections from CREATORS STUDIOS FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS. We looked at some of these fashions from the 1950's about a week ago.   This striped...

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Here's today's latest news on this simmering website KIRSTEINFINEART! We are  in the process of unrolling the first part of our new, multicolored Chakra Meditation Collection. 

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This story will give you a new appreciation of today's fashion comfort compared to the corset of the last century.

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