Windows to Your Soul

Greetings from Jan Kirstein. I am so happy that you are here. On this blog we will be exploring creativity and fashion in expression.

Fashion is one way we express our inner soul to the world. Our fashion choices are windows to the soul, making your choices unique to you. On Kirsteinfineart, we have many new additions to our collections, so check out all our new arrivals found on our front page!

Many of my fashions are designed from my collage paintings. These high topped sneakers are designed from a digital painting I created. Here is what you can do with these shoes.  What if you pair them with a formal gown for your next Prom or formal dance? The combination of these two looks can be arrestingly daring but the similar colors and natural shapes can create a bridge of similarities between the two types of fashion items.

This dress, by Coco Chanel would be a dynamic backdrop for these shoes. If this is too daring for you, or just plain obnoxious to you, then combine these shoes with torn jeans and a simple cami top. It's all about expressing your I AM. 


In other words, who are you, and how do you express this to the world? Keep exploring this, and your truth will open up. So keep exploring, and  open your head and your heart to work together to create your own personal fashion signature.


Blessings until next time,

Jan Kirstein

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